Learning Opportunities

Back-to-School Brain Boosters: August 24, 2021

Explore effective research-based brain booster activities and practices that parents can do at home with their children to help boost areas of the brain needed for social-emotional competencies, behavior regulation, and academic success so they are prepared for the challenges ahead. The information and ideas that will be shared are great for children of all ages and adults too!

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10 Tips for Fostering Resiliency in Anxious Children: May 19, 2021 

Learn practical tips to help you support resiliency development in your child while creating awareness about how you react and respond. 


Pathways to Successful Post-Secondary Schooling: April 20, 2021

In this webinar, crucial skills necessary for post-secondary success for students with disabilities are outlined and resources are shared for both students and their families.


Resolving issues with Your Child’s School – Dispute Resolution Tips for Parents: March 24, 2021 

Tips are provided on special education dispute resolution processes, including what issues State Written Complaints can be used to resolve and what some of those resolutions might look like.


 Supplemental Special Education Services (SSES) Q & A: March 4, 2021 

Discuss Supplemental Special Education Services, including eligibility and the application process.